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Friday, September 28, 2018


Yogurt Bar: Load it up with all the fixin's! Granola, fruit, sprinkles, nuts, seeds... yogurt bar 

Donut Bar: hang 'em, stack 'em, dunk ' can't go wrong!

Bacon Bar: Enough said...

French Toast Bar: These great finger french toast cups will make for happy tummies!

Juice Bar: Everyone loves a glass of fresh squeezed juice! Dress it up even more with fresh fruit options.

Bagel Bar: Offer a breakfast favorite with delicious bagels. Plain or flavored bagels in addition to cream cheese, salmon, avocado and other toppings will be a hit! 

Waffle Bar: Fruit, flavored syrups, chocolate chips, powdered sugar...topping ideas are endless.

Finally, not a bar but a perfect Strawberry Mimosa recipe to top off your brunch. Strawberries, Prosecco and orange juice. Yes, please!